!The Artist is playing the “Wretched Thing” and is therefore absent. When watching these videos the “Thing” is only present:

!        “‘The “Thing” desires intimacy but lacks the physical beauty or social grace to achieve it. The audience may feel a sense of terror but also desire to understand the undifferentiated “Thing”. The audience have taken perverse pleasure in watching the “Thing” struggle in its pursuit towards achieving humanity. The audience have remained overwhelmed by the conversations playing in the room surrounding the “Thing”. The audience have felt uncomfortable, sick or even sympathetic. Do not be alarmed :“The Thing” cannot harm you it can only harm itself in its desire to be like you.”  - The Artist

!The Artist created the “Wretched Thing” as an ugly creature intentionally so that it would never know what it is, who it is, or what it feels like to be loved.

"Human Bondage"

Audio: Of Human Bondage 1934, Spring 2014 

"Goodbye Baby"

Audio: Double Indemnity 1944, Video: The Act of Seeing by Stanley Brakhage, Spring 2014 

"The Thing"

Audio: The Thing From Another World 1951, Spring 2014

"A Staircase Scene"

Audio: Gone with the Wind 1939, Spring 2014 

"Body Snatcher"

Audio: Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956, Spring 2014