PASS-RITE: "I'll Show You"

Pass-Rite started out of my desire to create something using this object/box I saw hanging in Dicks Sporting goods store.  I know nothing about sports, I never played them in any professional way. But this box really grabbed me due to the slipperiness surrounding it. The use of double meaning the strange humor that was begging to be played with, combined with the question of passing which flows throughout my life and practice. 



Pass-Rite: "I’ll Show You" facilitates the learned behavior of passing as a way of retraining the viewer how to “see” assimilation. By exploring the double meanings of the verb “to pass” (athletically and socially), Pass-Rite uses the potential to be seen “passing” as a defiance to the act. In social spaces, the pressures of passing can result in the erasure of queer experiences/histories. Under the guise of training the players will build a queer uncanny space, one that “passes” but is then questioned through their slight lack of mastery and embellished training objects. Over the next few months, the players will train with the pass-rite and explore concepts of muscle memory, physicality and endurance as well as preparing themselves for a long durational piece at. The rehearsal process and performances of Pass-Rite will be archived/recorded through sound in order to conceptualize a film piece. On the surface Pass-Rite “passes” as two players training how to pass a volleyball. The players are demanding to be seen in the act of passing, and in this declaration there is new opportunity to see something we all participate in.