Lauren Steinberg is...

A Performance/New Genre/Video artist residing in Chicago, Illinois  

My work is a quest to build a new way of seeing by placing you in a house of mirrors. A mattress that is inflated by fucking the floor, a tool that teaches us how to pass, a body dragging in drag as a carpet, a queer vehicle for patriotic immigrant heritage. My work is research based and heavily borrowed from my experience as a lesbian entertainer in New York City. I change objects by attaching myself to them in quiet ways, assimilating, or in loud ways, obnoxiously disrupting environments. My strange aesthetics (inflatable, foam and heavily coated objects) strive towards a utopian way of understanding, to poke holes through our mundane definitions. By presenting objects altered through performance I am acknowledging object associations with my body while expanding on what they can be.

My work involves a stage, the objects I make are props, propping up actions. There are sometimes bright lights, there is a strange addition, a mysterious inflating lamp on an antique end table. This addition is my proposition to the world to re-visit how they rationalize norms. My research circles around the phrase uncanny because I can’t quite put my finger on what is happening to this world, to queerness and my body.

To question our set environments and expect change is to slowly seep into the minds of the individuals you are asking. Whether it is through curiosity: a person who performers in drag as a fake brick wall, or a lack of answer but instead an investigation into why her body is pressed again treated foam. Everything around us is changing ever slightly. These small changes snowball, as an artist I create work that magnifies this shift, but instead of reflecting ones expectations on to themselves I hold up a fun house mirror. 



Lauren Steinberg  was born in New York City. She earned her performance chops as a Justin Bieber impersonator/drag king in order to earn some extra money while attending Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. An object maker, lighting designer and low budget film editor Lauren began to combine all of her outlets in order to create mixed media performance art. Using her technics as an entertainer Lauren's work shifted from performance for the camera into long duration works involving her body and altered objects. After finishing her undergraduate degree in 2014 Lauren attended SAIC for her graduate degree in performance. While in Chicago Lauren has performed in multiple locations including: Links Hall, DfbrL8R and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.


Born in New York, NY
Currently lives and works in Chicago, Illinois

MFA Performance, SAIC class of 2017

BFA Sculpture, Pratt Institute class of 2014

Minor in Art History, Pratt Institute class of 2014


Selected Exhibitions

Go On and Love Yourself, 2017, MATERIALKINK, Leather Archives and Museum, Chicago

Steeplechase, 2017, IMPACT Festival, School of the Art Insitute of Chicago

Synthetic Fruit, 2017,  Slayer Gallery, Chicago

 (Pass-Rite -> Run On) 2016, Moving_Image_00:01, Latitude Chicago

(Never Say Never) 2016, Cabaret Cabaret - I'm Pretty Sure the Farmers' Market is Dead, Archer Beach Haus

(Pass-Rite: I'll Show You) 2016, Scoring and Keeping Score Part Two, DfbrL8R

(Run On -> Pass-Rite) 2016, Scoring and Keeping Score Part One, Nightingale Cinema

(Swag, Swag, Swag) 2015, Chairs Are For People, DfbrL8R

(Wretched Thing) 2015, Horror, Camp & Make Believe, Young Camelot & The Wretched Nobles

(Wretched Thing) 2014, A Sensation of Uneasiness, Studio One S

(Wretched Thing) 2014, CON_tent, Schaffler Gallery 

(Fan Girl) 2013, Absolutely Yours, Open Studio

(Fan Girl) 2013, Dog and Pony Show, Fine Arts Showcase 

2012, Pratt Institute Student Union Show
2012, Pratt Institute Junior Sculpture Open Studio

Performance Participation

2016, The Past Three Night, by Vincent Tiley, Sullivan Galleries

2015, 24 Decade History of Popular Music, by Taylor Mac, MCA

2015, Practicing Safety, by Marcela Tores, New Blood Festival

2015, Cage Unrequited, by William Pope L, MCA

2015Ghost Stores, by Kevin Sparrow and Ashley Hollingshead

2015, Neighborhood Magic by Carron Little, Beverly Art Walk


Curatorial Endeavors

2016, New Blood: TEN, Links Hall, Chicago 


Awards and Achievements

Maters in Fine Arts Recognition Merit 2015-2017

Bachelors in Fine Arts Outstanding Merit Award 2010-2014

Stutzman Sculpture Prize Winner 2014

Pratt Institute Presidents List 2011-2014

Pratt Institute Deans List 2011-2014


Publications/Online Media

Synthetic Fruit - 2017

Chicago Artist Writers - 2016

CVNT Art Magazine - 2015

Ubiquitous Pratt Literary Art Magazine - 2014




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